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A lawyer for these times

Franklin Bynum fights the government in criminal cases, and more.

Criminal Appeals

After a trial or a plea, take your fight to the next level. We fight to reverse convictions in appellate courts across the country.

Criminal Trials

The jury trial is people power in action, but it can only work for you with the right help. We fight for people against the government in state and federal court nationwide.

Immigration Defense

The only defense in immigration court is a good offense. We take the hardest cases in immigration court and fight back to keep families together.

Habeas Corpus

We investigate wrongful convictions, and bring claims for post-conviction relief in state and federal courts across the country.

We also handle cases involving civil rights violations and serious injuries. Call us with your case.

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Data Driven Defense

We use cutting-edge technology to provide our clients information about their cases. By using software we developed in house, we provide clients with critical information about the court, the case, the prosecutor, and more.

We maintain our own database of case information and dispositions spanning years, and use it to develop our strategy and inform our clients.

Board Certified Experience

Trust your criminal matter to a Board Certified lawyer. Franklin Bynum is Board Certified in Criminal Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

In trial courts, Franklin Bynum is a lawyer's lawyer. He knows how to make the right objections and make judges follow the law.

In appellate courts, Franklin Bynum is one of the few lawyers in Texas who has the experience it takes to expose and reverse wrongful convictions.


Your case is our cause

Franklin Bynum has never been a prosecutor. He has devoted his life to fighting the system of mass incarceration. When you are arrested, you are suddenly a part of this larger system. Only a lawyer that understands the system can get you out of it and on with your life.

Personal, Powerful Trial Representation

Success in a jury trial takes more than filing motions, or going through them. To be vindicated takes telling your story. Franklin Bynum is an experienced trial lawyer who knows his clients and how to tell their stories to a jury.

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Smart, Aggressive Appellate Work

After a conviction, we step in and take the fight to the next level. Appeals are the vital next step after the trial court, and just as vital is getting the right help. Franklin Bynum is a student of the law and a teacher, and has devoted his practice to producing excellent appellate representation for his clients.

Let us help you

Schedule a personal consultation with Franklin Bynum. Consultations are offered in person at one of our offices, or over the phone.

Fair, Transparent Fees

We do this work because we want to help. We will work with you from the first meeting to to provide the services you need at a cost you can afford.

  • Payment plans available
  • Free assistance with fundraising
  • Discounts available

Fees are typically discussed during a consultation. We usually do not quote fees over the phone.

Sorry, we do not accept calls for pro bono work.

Sign up for a Consulatation

The initial consultation is an opportunity to learn about the procedures that apply in your case, our experience in cases like yours, and how to defend your case. If you are interested in hiring Franklin Bynum, or just want to talk about what your options are, the initial consultation is the place to start.

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